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    Images are all disabled

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Claudia Viken and welcome to our community

          When you see the RoboHelp interface, are the TOC/Index/Glossary tabs also missing? I'm thinking you simply located a .HTM file and double clicked it to open inside RoboHelp. In this case you are editing a single topic without being in the context of a project. If this is the case, open the project and you should be fine.

          Cheers... Rick :)
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            Claudia_Viken Level 1
            The disabled images are in the project file (.xpj). They just don't show up in either the editor or in the generated webhelp or Word docs.
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              HKabaker Level 2

              Several possible causes:

              How did you bring the images and movies into RoboHelp? It must be done within the RH project using either the Insert command menu, or by importing as a baggage file. What you must not do is to copy an image outside of RH and come back into RH to paste it. Also, you cannot move images (or anything else [except a .css file]) into the project folder from the Windows Explorer view.

              Similarly, if you want to rearrange items in folders, you cannot do it in Windows; move things between folders in the RH project.

              Maybe you already knew this, but I've seen inquiries here resulting from this mistake.

              Sometimes the RH housekeeping files get confused (some would say corrupted), and need to be rebuilt. But the easiest thing to try first is to bring each one into the project again. If you can find it in one of the project folders, try using that one. Or go back to the original location from which you originally imported the file.

              You may or may not get a warning that the item already exists in the project, and asking if you want to overwrite it with the new file. Yes, overwrite the phantom file with a new one. Sometimes that will cause RH not to be confused any more.

              If this doesn't bring them back to life, post back here, and someone will point you to procedures for rebuilding project maintenance files. This can get complicated, but it does work. First try the re-import process.