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    Printing issues.

    Mr Morris

      When I try to print edited work to A4 size, it only prints to around 1/4 of the sheet. The whole picture is there but 1/4 of the size I actually need it to be? Am I missing a scaling option? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Kind regatds.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Have you looked around at the various settings in the Photoshop Print Settings preview dialog you get on the way to printing your file to the printer?


          There's a whole Position and Size section there on sizing your print.  Make the dialog bigger or scroll the right side if you're not seeing it.



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            Level 7

            You've missed something in your printer vendor specific driver settings, or a bug in your printer driver code.

            Also, you haven't told us what printer, what OS, or anything that would help us help you.

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              Mr Morris Level 1

              Thanks for your replies guys,


              The printer in an Epson Stylus Office T1100. But im not sure this will matter because it is doing the same thing when I print it to another machine.


              Thanks Noel, i will try this out.