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    How to change a cutout body's orientation

    HarryPutnam Level 1

      Running photoshop cc


      Having a bit of trouble googling for this information... hard to come up with search strings to pull such accurate stuff out of lots and lots of info that is not really on target.


      Working with bodies cut (by way of masking) from various images.


      Some times you'd really like to be able to change a persons orientation to make them look more realisitc in what ever outlandish or glamorous etc, background you are trying to create.


      I can manage a certain small amount by fiddling with free transform, and more radical changes with flip rotate etc, but to make a person face say 15 degrees different than they are in the actual photo.... are there known methods to get something like that started... or general guides for doing that sort of thing?


      I guess, looking back at what I've written... it might not really conveye what I'm after very well.  Let me try another way.

      But first just say, I'm not looking to take this 3D.


      Imagine your image edges are the usual North (top) South (bottom) East (right) and West (left) one might find on a map.


      Your person is standing with there behind pointing east, face pointing west.


      You want to orient them to be facing just 15 or 20 degrees off that east/west line, in the direction of the viewer.


      How can I best accomplish that?