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    64 bits or 32 bits

    ulysseSky Level 1

      Good evening

      On my desktop I have the two 64-bit versions and 32 bit Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator.

      Could you tell me the advantages and disadvantages between these two versions.

      Thanking you


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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          To give you the 10,000 ft view of the advantages and disadvantages of the 32-bit versus the 64-bit versions of these products …


          The real difference between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these products is the ability to use much larger address spaces with the 64-bit version. Generally speaking, for most documents and images, you will absolutely not see any performance advantage with the 64-bit versions of the applications (and in fact, there could be a very minor but measurable performance degradation with 64-bit). The advantage of the 64-bit versions is that they can directly access orders of magnitude larger virtual memory space. Typical 32-bit applications can only access a 2 GB virtual memory space, regardless of how much physical memory you have installed on your computer. This may sound quite ample, but when you are dealing with very long and/or very graphically-rich InDesign documents, for example, that 2GB memory is chopped up into temporary document storage, screen buffers, placed imagery temporary storage, and work spaces for a myriad of internal functions including layout, color management, content placement, PDF (and DPS and other format) export, printing, etc. Prior to InDesign 9, it was not uncommon to need to regularly exit InDesign and restart the program to reclaim these workspaces to avoid out of memory messages – these were not messages about being out of physical memory, but rather virtual memory. With the new 64-bit version of InDesign, these issues are of the past. Illustrator documents may be complex, but with rare exception contain only one artboard and typically don't have the same virtual memory issues. On the other hand, if you are a user that runs Photoshop with large number of layered, large, high resolution images open, the additional address space of the 64-bit version may be necessary for you as well.


          Disadvantages of 64-bit are relatively few. If you use plug-ins for which there are not yet or might never be 64-bit versions, you might be stuck using the 32-bit versions for the time being. An example of this under Windows would be availability of a TWAIN scanner plug-in for Photoshop 64-bit – it doesn't exist.


          All this being said, unless you have plug-in compatiblity issues, the 64-bit versions of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign are mature and very stable and thus recommended. (Personally, I've hidden the Windows Start Menu items for both 32-bit Illustrator and 32-bit InDesign and have suffered no problems.)


          Be aware that going forward, the 32-bit versions of these applications will eventually be dropped.


                    - Dov

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Dov Isaacs wrote:



            Be aware that going forward, the 32-bit versions of these applications will eventually be dropped.



            My relatively small solid state drive would appreciate that.

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              ulysseSky Level 1

              Thank you for all your informations