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    Indesign Freezes after updating document from xml

    Nathan Durai

      I have issues with Indesign CS6 that it freezes completely after several updates of a document from an xml.

      Quick intro about the system - I have a plugin that updates an Indesign document from an xml data using an Indesign template. Everytime I open a document the plugin loads the document items in a tree view inside the plugin itself. you can double click a tree item and go to the content on the document. Like a table of contents. The plugin was originally developed for Indesign CS2 and then being recompiled everytime the new version of Indesign released. From Indesign CS6, I am starting to have an issue where Indesign freezes at different points after I update any document using the plugin. The problem does not happen when updating the document which might have been easier to debug and correct. But it happens after the update, and after several other manual changes or file open/closes.

      Scenario: Open an Indesign document and update them using the plugin. It loads the contents on its tree view. Select xml file to be updated. Open another Indesign document and do the same. Close both of the updated documents after updating. Open other different Indesign documents and keep working without updating it through the custom plugin. After few minutes, Indesign may freeze at different points like kBeforeOpenDocSignalResponderService, kDuringOpenDocSignalResponderService, kAfterOpenDocSignalResponderService or sometimes during typing.

      I am not sure what is causing this. There is no specific point of crash other than any memory issue. I am trying to generate a crash log. I could not find any crash log in the MemoryTracker folder. There is no big spike on the CPU/Memory also.


      How we trace this kind of problem in Indesign?

      How do i generate crash log while Indesign just freezes but does not crash until we manually close it from Task Manager?

      Would there be some specific changes in Indesign CS6 related to memory or updating through scripts? The plugin was working fine until CS5 version under the same scenario.



      I appreciate your help on this.