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    cannot download


      cannot download from library Error getting licence. Licence server communication problem.

      the following message comes up E-AUTH-BAD-DEVICE-KEY-OR-PKCS12

      has anybody else had this problem. Help


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          this worked for another user with that error message:


          i de-authorised my desktop computer, then re-authorised it using my Adobe ID and password.


          To do this I pressed ctrl+shift+d which brought up the de-authorisation option in Digital Editions. Then I closed Digital Editions, and restarted it and chose the option to re-authorise the desktop computer.

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            Tabbycat Level 1

            Have tried this but no go.Bythe way I am using a macbookpro.

            Thanks anyway.  Tabbycat

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              did you deauthorise and then reauthorize?


              if yes and that failed:



              regarding the E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY error...


              We can't tell you -exactly- what this is, but we can give you some general direction.


              On the Mac, Digital Editions 1.5 stores an encryption key (to make sure our client to server calls are secure) in your OS X Keychain.


              If there is a problem creating this key then E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY is the error you'd see.


              The key information is stored as an application password in your keychain. Likely causes of failure include denying access to Digital Editions, or locking your user keychain, and not entering their password when prompted.


              If you're denying access explicitly to Digital Editions, well don't do that (ha. )


              Now, you may not be doing this intentionally. The access permissions on OS X are complicated, so this could be a side effect of some other permission work. You can explicitly grant Digital Editions access to the the keychain item:


              Open Keychain Access (Applications/Utilities)

              Select Passwords from Category

              Select Digital Editions from password list

              Click info button (or press Cmd+i)

              (Dialog labeled Digital Editions should appear)

              Select Access Control tab

              Click + button

              Navigate to our install directory and select ADE 1x5

              Click Save

              Close Dialog

              Launch Digital Editions.


              Anyway, hopefully this helps you narrow the issue down.




              Bentley Wolfe

              Senior Support Engineer, Flash/Flash Player/Digital Editions


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                Tabbycat Level 1


                I have now with help followed all your instructions but unfortunately the same message keeps coming up as before.

                So I still cant download books.  I recently downloaded an update from Apple OS X Maverick.  I wonder if this has had

                any effect ?



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                  Tabbycat Level 1


                  Thanks for your help.