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      I'm new to LIveCycle. I've created a form that works well with the exception of my drop down list. I have everything I need on the drop down, and it looks ok when I preview, however, when I fill out the form and I print to PDF format, the drop down list text that was selected appears scrambled with boxes!! Please help

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          TundraSteve Employee Moderator

          Why are you printing to PDF when you're already working with a PDF?  Also what font are you using for the dropdown

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            joeapom Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            Thank you so much for your response. As I mentioned. I am new at this. First form I've created.

            I'm printing to PDF so I can email the form to client and insurance agents without recipients being able to change it???? Am I wrong, is there another way? So that when they open it it is not in a fillable form mode??

            The font I've selected in the drop down is Arial.

            Steve, your help is immensely apprecaited.