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    Not able to select partial words in pdf

    Jayesh_Kumar@int Level 1

      Hi Experts,


      I have an issue of selecting text in the PDF, where a part of the text is not getting selected and the remaining part is getting selected. The case I have mentioned here uses a Small caps font where SmallCaps is applied through the Indesign application and not the actual Small Caps font being used. I am able to select the text when PDF is created through Postscript File from InDesign. When Directly exported from InDesign I face this issue. Please see the highlighted word "COMPEMENTARY ACCOUNTS" in the below screenshot from the InDesign document.




      Here is the screenshot of the PDF which I created by exporting through InDesign.




      And Here is the PDF created through postscript file from InDesign.




      Could you please advice on this issue.

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          Migintosh Level 4

          Let me see if I understand what you're doing. You create an InDesign document, export it to PDF, and then try to select some amount of text in the PDF. Is that correct? Which program are you using to open the PDF?

          Jayesh_Kumar@int wrote:


          when PDF is created through Postscript File…

          Are you using Distiller, or opening the PS file in another app like Preview or Acrobat?

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            First, why do you want to hightlight the text?


            Second, are you certain the text is not selected? Have you tried copy and paste to a text editor to check? I've seen a lot of funky selection highlights over the years in Acrobat, especially with PDF exported from ID, which tends to break the text apart in odd, seemingly random, ways.