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    Can't reinstall photoshop CS6. Plz HELP!




      I'm having this problem where I can't reinstall my Photoshop CS6. About 2 weeks ago, my HD just died out of nowhere, and I tried to had it fixed, but apparently it's truly a goner this one. My problem is, all of my programs where installed in that HD, and now when I try to reinstall Photoshop on my SSD (which is where windows is installed) It barely starts the installation and it already stops saying there was an error.


      I've tried deleting Photoshop, deleting any other adobe file related to Photoshop and all without luck. I've even installed and used the ADW Cleaner (a program that removes completely other programs that one may have difficulties removing it), which indicated that I was successful in completely uninstalling Photoshop. Yet the problem still persists.


      The same error keeps occurring. I really don't know what else I could do besides formatting my entire computer, which it isn’t a possible solution since I have too much stuff to just format it.




      Can you guys plz help me. I really don’t know what else to do.