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    The Indesign Trial, download link doesn't work


      I'm having trouble with the Indesign Trial download link, cant seem to download.


      Currently using OSX 10.9.2 and Firefox


      Have already created a creative cloud and when i click on the download 'buttom' this address comes up and firefox nor safari recognises this:


      aam://SAPCode=IDSN?productVersion=9.0?passPhrase=ZCvLf5xz89JxEbVj1VKD3pVv1BlgH8zeMqinUDuR/ FyOSXlgIcj9IsxGX+ZYYTwdouoFAPFQpvZeZDFeqdp4FdGqx3habHtIEOK92X6R09yb0EoHpSJKhWuhD9UWZsIUnv+ kc+u4n0Gh9zJQnedPz76pjcZNKo3f6f0E1RIa1vQ=


      If someone can point me in the right direction it would be a great help