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    Cineware missing effectors animation

    brad.magnus Level 1

      I have Ae CC and Cinema R14. I installed C4D in a non-default location, and I had to tell Cineware where to look to find C4D (under the options menu of Cineware). But I left the CineRender as the renderer. I tried pulling the c4d file into Ae and did a few compositing things, when I rendered out of Ae, I was missing my effector animation. Specifically, I had MoText with a plain effector and the delay effector adding spring effect. The plain effector worked, but the delay effector didn't.


      Just to be super clear, these animations looked pretty cool in C4D, but when I rendered out of Ae they didn't work. What should I do? I attempted to replace the CineRender with the c4d.exe, but then the Cineware plugin didn't work at all. Is there another renderer inside the folder structure of C4D r14?