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    controlling movieclip through button

      Dear all,

      I'm experiencing some problems with what I would have thought to be relatively simple in Flash 8.0. I would like to control a movieclip through a button.

      I have found some tutorials on the web but I couldn't manage to get anything working completely. As I understand you add a button and a movieclip and name both instances. The actionscript for the button should be something like:

      on (release) {

      This seems to work, but when I add a second button which should start again, using butterfly-mc.start();, it just won't start again.

      I'm thinking this might be some kind of scoping problem (defining some local actions directly on the movieclip seems to work fine) and the .stop() might be stopping the complete animation but this is a long shot and I don't know how I could verify or overcome this.

      This is my first project in Flash so any hints would be very welcome!