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    Digitally Signing a PDF from a Web App?

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      I'm struggling to nail down a solution using Adobe LiveCycle to digitally sign a PDF (CAC certificate) via a web application (ASP.NET).  I've researched a handful of options, and I seem to run into limitations with all of them.  I would really appreciate it if anyone has done something like this and can give me a general description of the solution.  I'm relatively new to this, and most of the information I find is either too detailed (misses the big picture), or too general with no specifics.


      Things I've tried:


      1) Using the digital signature service to automatically sign the document server-side.  I've reached the conclusion that this is not possible, since I don't have the ability to store the private keys necessary to create the signature on my server (They are accessed through a card reader).


      2)  Present the PDF to the user in reader to be signed and then submitted with a submit button on the form.  Can this even be done?  I read somewhere that you can't use web services endpoints to send back a PDF with a signature.


      My last resort is to have our users manually sign, save, and upload the document through a web form.  I really want to avoid forcing users to perform so many manual steps.


      Any info is greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance!

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          #1. why not? workbench has a signSigField object.  I haven't actually built it but i dont see why you couldnt.  I know of clients (ie. universities that produce transcripts with a digital sig) who setup a watch folder and then drop a bunch of files into it and they come out certified on the other end.


          in the screenshot i specify the Signing Credential as a variable but you can hardcode the values if you want.  You will have to have your card accessible from the LC server.  Not sure where the password is entered but i'd suggest you set it up as a configurable variable vs. hardcoding it into the WF.




          #2.  yes you can just specify you are returning the pdf vs xdp and indicate what to include.



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            Hey ! I Have to build a similar Web App for My college project ..It would be really Help full if u can show me the way of doing this..if u can share some of your research on this , it would ease things on my brain as i am not sure what to do !!