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    Ability to add/delete tags or edit item structure no longer working

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      I installed a licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI (11.0.0) about two weeks ago for the sole purpose of making a 104-page PDF accessible. While I had a massive amount (90+) crashes on my Mac with the stand-alone version of Acrobat Pro while trying to edit the document the first day, I was able to generally get those down to 3-5 a day by splitting the document down to 5-page chunks to work on individually. But then some of the accessibility tools randomly stopped working. Here are things I can no longer do:


      - Select a content item, right-click and designate tag

      - Select a content item, right-click sidebar and 'make tag from selection'

      - Select a content item, select content type from 'Touch Up Reading Order' menu

      - Right-click sidebar, create new tag and drop path/content/image into tag

      - Delete 'selected item structure'


      For the above items, the screen just blinks as if the change were made, but absolutely nothing happens. Any tags it thinks it created aren't anywhere to be found, items deleted do not delete, if a tag does get created, it's empty and sometimes if I request 'page structure to delete,' acrobat just wipes the page structure of the whole document. If I try to edit the reading order of elements, the software crashes.


      To remedy the problem I have tried:

      1) Restarting my computer and turning off all background software

      2) Uninstalling Adobe Acrobat Pro XI (it also crashed during the uninstall)

      3) Running the CC Cleaner Tool (although I'm pretty sure I don't have CC Acrobat Pro XI, but I didn't see a cleaner for Mac for the stand-alone software)

      4) Reinstalling Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

      5) Running software updates & computer updates, retstart

      6) Clean uninstall

      7) Try to install instance of software from co-worker (it fails and produces error*)

      8) Install CC, install Acrobat Pro XI CC (11.0.06), open file - which fails, produces error*


      *Error: "Adobe Acrobat Pro cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Adobe Acrobat Pro works with this version of Mac OS X. You may need to reinstall the application."


      My co-worker is using his instance with the exact same machine specs just fine and Acrobat was working for me until yesterday.


      Please help.

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          Not sure what is going on with the 11.0.06 (CC) error, but possibly because I can't seem to uninstall 11.0.0 (stand-alone - I think) completely, it can't coexist.


          As for the other problem, the working theory is the master file corrupted during Acrobat's first 50 crashes right after I installed the software and when I was still editing the document as a 104-page PDF. I then split the corrupted file into 5-page chunks and began editing those. For whatever reason, Acrobat didn't mind using the corrupted files for the last week and a half until yesterday afternoon and of course, until I was 92% done. It'll open the corrupted files, but none of the tools work and the screen just blinks pretending to make changes. Lesson from this, divide your huge file into 5-page 1-page sections before you touch anything accessibility-related, especially if your PDF is heavily designed. Having start over from sratch with smaller files to begin with, hopefully, I'll be able to merge this together at the end without it having a panic attack and crashing.