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    Question about linked text boxes

    MS13 Level 1

      Working in CS6: Macbook Air 2012 Model.


      I am working on a play and so I have two separate text boxes: one for the dialogue and one for the character names. On my master page I linked the dialogue boxes from page to page and I also linked the character name boxes. When I file>place text into the dialogue it flows just fine and there are no issues. I am manually typing in the character names though and when I reach the end of the spread and hit return it shows the little red box at the bottom of the text box for an error then it continues with the action, the error goes away, the text appears in the next spread BUT then the text in the adjacent dialogue box disappears. I thought maybe it had to do with the return key so I tried command return, function return, shift return, alt return--all had the same effect. I turned on hidden characters and there were no page breaks where there shouldn't be, but I noticed that the character boxes had a "#" End of Story symbol at the top of each spread, unlike the dialogue boxes which only had one at the very end of the entire document. Don't know if that's the issue but I'm looking for some advice.