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    How to set a button to flatten & email PDF document


      Hi everyone, I am new enough to form creation and have a request for any help?


      I have a form I would like to give to someone.


      They should be able to fill it as they need to in reader etc. (with various basic fields and an incrementing number for each form used which I have already put in) then they need to press a button on the bottom that will flatten (or make the form read only) and attach it to an email. I would like this to be able to save as to say iBooks on an iPad and to a folder on anroid tablets. Is this possible?


      Also, if possible, is there a way to have it that the details entered could be transferred to a secondary pdf?  As a kind of summary page?



      I have only basic knowledge with all of this and little of Javasript so if there are scripts to put in, could you say where they go? Also Im making this in Acrobat 9 pro.



      Thanks so much for any help offered.