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    Indesign CC 9.2 crashes upon opening the data merge panel


      I have a document that's in a book (of multiple files) with cross references to other documents in the book. I also have almost all the content in an inCopy assignment in order to manage multiple versions/layouts with the same content. All cross references are unlinked from inCopy as the page numbers vary from book to book.


      That said, while other documents in the book work fine, this one is having issues. Whenever I try to view the data merge panel it crashes. I had a similar problem with other files where if I try to select a data merge source it would crash. I fixed the problem by saving a copy, deleting all pages from the document, selecting the data merge source (which now works with no content on the pages), then copy/pasting the content back onto the pages. Not sure why this works but it did.


      The problem is that I tried the same solution on this document and now, and it worked until I tried click on the data merge panel after following those steps, inDesign crashes. If I open the data merge panel, THEN open the document, it crashes as well.


      I am going to attempt to redo this with the data merge panel open while I copy/paste content back in and see if I can narrow down the problematic content if that's the issue.