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    Any news on the export to PDF bug?


      Way back since the launch of CS4 theres are alot of people experencing problems with vector paths and fonts when exporting both from InDesign and Illustrator CS6 to pdf. I've read some debates here too. It's a global issue and Adobe has never really adressed the problem exept from time to time where they have told the public to wait for an update and/or new release. Nevertheless the export to pdf problems never seem to stop. The problems has some variational characters depending on what OS you have. Any news on bugfixes or scripts that can be used to fix the export problems?

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          I have the same problem gabbygo. After going back and forth on this topic here on this forum someone decided to close the discussion I started. There is much resistance from Adobe on this matter and they do not feel very comfortable when the bugs are made visible by customers. Strange cause that's actually how a software company should improve. They should be embrasing the opportunity to enhanse the product instead of approaching their paying customers as poison as soon as they identify chronic problems and bugs. There are also a great deal of bug problems with epubs. You can do a search on that topic both here and on Google. People seem to struggle a great deal with that as well, but those bugs are of course newer than the export to pdf bugs. It's sad the way things are developing, Adobe have become a very closed organisation not willing to deal with wide spread application bugs, sticking the head into the sand is hardly a wise solution.


          I'm sorry I can't help you out on this. I wish I had some answers myself. Let's hope they will produce the fix you are asking for.  

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            Did you know moderators have the ability to see your IP adress so we know when you are having a converstion with yourself using two identities?