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    Override Master Items Displaces items on page (Javascript)

    cybernetic nomad



      I am trying to override all items in master pages using the follownig script:


      function OverrideMasterItems() {
        var allItems = myDocument.pages[CurrentPage].appliedMaster.pageItems.everyItem().getElements();
        for(var i=0;i<allItems.length;i++){




      (thanks to Harbs fro providing this in another thread)


      The problem I have is that once the script has run, all items move on the page. For example a text bos that in the master has coordinates of 0 and 1p6 ends up at 26p3 and 19p6


      I'm probably over looking some really obvious settign somewhere but I just can't figure out what.


      Working with CS6 and Javascript on a Mac


      Thanks for any suggestions