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    RH10 Merged Projects Webhelp and Chrome/IE

    KDawnMiller Level 1

      To preface, everything works fine in Firefox. I have a very large help system with over 70 merged projects. Prior to upgrading to RH10 there were quirks with IE, but it would run the entire help system okay. Chrome, no dice.


      The issue is now that I've upgraded my files to RH10, any child project files do not load in Chrome or IE. I have downloaded all the fixed files from Adobe for the browsers and republished the files. Now, however, while the TOC/Index panes load (all in chrome/only half in IE), unless the file is living in the master project, then the files do not render. It seems to be stuck in a continuous loop to try and display. When I looked at the error code, I get a "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error and  a link to a file with "whproj_xml.js" at the end, such as



      Anyone know any additional fixes? Is this a known issue for IE / Chrome? I couldn't find anything on the forums or PeterG's site about it (always my first stop), so thought I'd throw it out to the masses.