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    playReverse event?

    vespa59_666 Level 1

      I have two symbols - one is a child of the other. Each has its own timeline, but their animations are intended to be synced. That is, when the parent symbol's timeline is played, the child's should be played as well. I can achieve this by adding an event handler for the parent symbol's play event that calls play() on the child symbol. However, the parent symbol also plays in reverse (it's a circular photo gallery where the left and right navigation corresponds to playing the timeline forward or in reverse). I don't see a playReverse event in the UI or anywhere in the docs. Does anyone know of a way that I can listen for the parent's timeline to be played in reverse so I can tell the child to play in reverse? Obviously I can just call the child's playReverse from wherever I call the parent's, but I'm looking for something a little cleaner if it's available.