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    Recreating effects

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      I created the attached first file awhile ago, bringing the Fila logo as a vector smart object into this picture of the store, and then adding effects in Photoshop to create the realistic 3D/glow feeling to the logo. Unfortunately, I didn't save the .psd with the logo and effects layers and have had a very hard time re-creating it (I want to put it in a higher res version of the same picture.) I'm pretty sure it's combination of drop shadow and glow(s) but haven't gotten it yet.


      Anyone know how I could replicate it? I've attached the original, and separate files if that helps.









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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          When trying to recreate effects I like to use a Layer Mask (on a Group of the blank background and the new object) that intersects the Object so as to be able to easily judge if the effects line up.


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            bfcreativenyc1 Level 1

            Thanks. Could you please clarify what you've done. It seems like you've created a new file with the old background and logo as the first layer, then added a group called HG, then added another layer with the logo and added the effects to it, grouped HG and the logo with effects and then added a layer mask to the group of HG + logo and effects. 


            HG is a combination of the new blank background and the logo? What are your drop shadow and glow settings? Are you shrinking the new blank background to on top of the old one so it lines up? The new blank background should be a larger image.


            Could you please send another screen shot with at least the HG group elements labeled and shown? I'm having trouble understanding/visualizing what you're doing.



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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              • The lowest Layer is the old montage scaled up to align with the photograph.

              • The Group »hg« contains the photograph with adjustments to make it similarly dark as the old montage.

              • »fila_perf_final« is the masked logo (edit: as a Smart Object, to allow multiple transformations without accumulating unnecessary degredation) with the Layer Styles.

              • The Group »Group 1« contains »hg« and »fila_perf_final« and has a Layer Mask applied to it.