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    Migrating to HTML help from Robohelp Word

      We are planning to migrate to RoboHelp for HTML hel and gradually to WebHelp from exisiting RoboHElp for WOrd.

      Which approach will be better - (i) converting the existing .hpj to .xpj or, (ii) starting afresh?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          I migrated from Winhelp to CHM files some years ago although I haven't felt the urge to go to Webhelp yet I'd have to question why you want to migrate to CHM when you'll be going to Webhelp anyway. You may be asking for a lot of sleepless nights and additional work. Of course you may have a very strong business reason for doing this so I'll shut up! When I migrated I just created a new project and imported my Winhelp file. It did a pretty good job of doing this.