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    Adobe Acrobat Version 9.0 & X are not showing "Clear Signature Field" with Custom e-sign plug-in

    Waseem K Level 1



      We have created Custom PDF signature plug-in using Adobe X SDK.

      Earlier we had the same Custom PDF signature plug-in with Adobe 7.0 SDK and it used to show "Clear Signature Field" in context menu of digital signature placed on PDF.


      After upgrading the Custom signature plug-in to Adobe X SDK (complied again with SDK X) to support Acrobat 9, X and XI for digital signature, the "Clear Signature Field" option is appearing in context menu of digital signature box. Even the "Clear Signature Field" option is not shown for the user who has signed the document.


      "Clear Signature" option is available for Adobe Default Security signature.



      We have not changed anything in our plug-in code apart from recompiling it with Adobe X SDK.


      This is a critical issue for us.


      Here is the screen-shot from signed PDF having Adobe Default signature as well as our Custom plug-in signature.




      Here it clearly shows that "Clear Signature" option is not present in signature placed by Custom plug-in.



      Please let us know if anyone else has faced this type of issue earlier and has a resolution.