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    Exported Interlaced Video by SDK Exporter plugin for premiere pro cs6


      Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for Project Setting Sequence is XDCAM HD422 1080i25(50i)


      I tested the Plugin AVI(Uncompress) ,output interlaced video OK no problem.


      I use Premiere Pro CS6 r2 SDK

      I am trying to build a plugin for interlaced video.


      Problem occured when I modified by the program below:-


      SDK_Exporter.cpp at subroutine RenderVideoFrame


      for interlaced video with PrPixelFormat_BGRA_4444_8u or PrPixelFormat_VUYA_4444_8u

      and set

      renderParms.inRenderQuality = kPrRenderQuality_High;

      fieldType.value.intValue = prFieldsUpperFirst;

      mySettings->exportParamSuite->ChangeParam(exID, 0, ADBEVideoFieldType, &fieldType);

      renderParms.inDeinterlace = kPrFalse;

      renderParms.inDeinterlaceQuality =kPrRenderQuality_High;


      SequenceRender_GetFrameReturnRec renderResult;


          resultS = mySettings->sequenceRenderSuite->RenderVideoFrame(mySettings->videoRenderID,





          mySettings->ppixSuite->GetPixels( renderResult.outFrame, PrPPixBufferAccess_ReadOnly, &frameBufferP);


      In frameBufferP is only progressive frame not intelaced frame



      Please advise  what should I do in order to get interlaced frame.