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    Why does my audio not play from an imported pptx slide +


      I created a slide with Images, animations and audio in PowerPoint (2010) and then imported into Captivate 7 as a single slide*.  When I publish the slide into an swf file and play, the follows issues occur:


      • One of the images does not display as contained in the pptx file - it does however show in the swf file in the same dimensions in alight wood grain image (like pine).  This image is in one corner of the slide.  The image below is that corner...!


      • The audio does not play when the swf is played. No audio content is shown in the library list
      • library.jpg

      Also, the program I wish to insert the slides into requires individual slides - not whole presentations (it is not SCORM compliant).  What is the quickest way of publishing a multi-slide presentation into individual .swf slides?