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    Indesign : Object / Object export options



      i developp an indesign extension with cs extension builder 2 and i don't find the class of the menu : Object / Object export options of indesign

      do you know how to configure this option ?



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          I think you want to export the current document as PDF and hence you require to set the PDF Export Preferences then you can use the InDesign Scripting DOM objects like this,


          import com.adobe.csawlib.indesign.InDesign;


          import com.adobe.indesign.Application;

          import com.adobe.indesign.PDFExportPreference;

          import com.adobe.indesign.AcrobatCompatibility;

          import com.adobe.indesign.PDFXStandards;

          import com.adobe.indesign.PDFCompressionType;


          public function setPdfExportPreferences(){

              var app:Application = InDesign.app;

              var pdfExportPrefs:PDFExportPreference = app.pdfExportPreferences;


              // Now you can set different preferences like bleedMarks, cropMarks, etc using 'pdfExportPrefs' DOM

              objectpdfExportPrefs.acrobatCompatibility = AcrobatCompatibility.ACROBAT_4;

              pdfExportPrefs.standardsCompliance = PDFXStandards.PDFX1A2001_STANDARD;

              pdfExportPrefs.pageRange = "All";

              pdfExportPrefs.bleedMarks = false;

              pdfExportPrefs.cropMarks = false;

              pdfExportPrefs.compressionType = PDFCompressionType.compressNone;

              //............... and so on   


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            dasimonx Level 1

            thanks for your help but i don't want to export the document as pdf but i want to define the pageitems export option (normal or image) as we can do in indesign (Object menu /  Object export options > epub and html) befor an html export... and i don't find tthis option in Indesign package...

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              m_mfsi Level 1

              OK my fault didn't see the original post closely.

              Not sure but do you want to set for more than one page item? Because I see there are Objects for EpubExportPreference and HTMLExportPreference class (InDesign CS5.5 onwards) at the Document level which you can get as follows, but don't know whether these are also for PageItem.


                var doc:Document = InDesign.app.activeDocument;

                var epubPrefs:com.adobe.indesign.EPubExportPreference = doc.epubExportPreferences;

                var htmlPrefs:com.adobe.indesign.HTMLExportPreference = doc.htmlExportPreferences;

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                dasimonx Level 1

                thanks but i need to set the property for each page item... i continue to search...

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                  dasimonx Level 1

                  i searched in the cs5 package.... it's in the cs5.5 package : ObjectExportOption