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        Details, please.  My mind-reader and clairvoyant hats are at the cleaners once again.


        What "Apple free download", what's "your" PS?  Exact version of OS X?  Error messages?


        Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers: 





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          Ur sarcasm comes plan and clear in ur life, thks. Here's the deal, I have OS X  10.9.1.  Mid 2013, Mac offered a free upgade. After the dwn load, I noticed my PS (Photo Shop) no longer was in the tool bar.  Understand, I'm not all that computer savvy, but can get around fairly well. I'm back in school  using PS and need it to help me get the best grade I can and the only way to do that is use it at home.  I'm registered but can't get into my account, I was able to chg my password and still can't get into my acct.. I'll try again, after I send this to you.  Help where you can please.

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            kennardsr wrote:


            Ur sarcasm comes plan and clear…


            Well, all I wish is that your query were plain and clear.


            What "upgrade" are you talking about as being offered by Apple?  Apple and "free upgrade" seldom go together.  Do you mean a regular update to Mavericks, OS X 10.9?  OS X updates are always free from Apple, of course; and they're not "offered", they are routinely provided to you by Apple through the Software Update… menu item in the Apple menu.


            Are you saying that you updated to the latest version of the OS?  You were on 10.9.1 and updated to what?  What did you end up with, what dot release version of Mavericks (10.9.x) are you on right now?


            Or do you really mean "upgraded" and you actually upgraded from a previous Mac OS X version such as Lion or Mountain Lion to Mavericks (Mac OS X 10.9.x)?


            If the latter, that's a whole different ball game from which I'll step away, and let Mavericks users try to help you.  I don't touch 10.9.x with the proverbial ten-foot pole.


            Using correct terminology is as important as providing full details when requesting help, which you still haven't done.  No one can help you without it.



            kennardsr wrote:


            …After the dwn load, I noticed my PS (Photo Shop) no longer was in the tool bar…


            What on Earth do you mean by "Tool Bar"?   Are you referencing the Mac Dock?  If so, that's as easy to fix as dragging the icon of your Photoshop application icon from its folder inside your Applications folder onto the Dock, which will automatically create an alias and start showing you Photoshop in the Dock itself, leaving your original Photoshop application icon in its folder inside your Applications folder untouched.


            By the way, it's Photoshop, not "Photo Shop".  Photoshop is usually abbreviated as Ps.  "PS" means the Adobe PostScript language to us old users of Adobe products.


            Another piece of advice is not to use "texting" type of abbreviations on the forum.  Many of the experts here are not native English speakers and will have difficulty understanding things like "ur" for your.


            Please do read the entire FAQ in the link I provided in reply #1.





            As for your account and/or registration problems, you MUST contact Adobe customer service (not tech support) by phone or chat.  Only they can help you.


            Lastly, here's an excerpt from the aforementioned FAQ:


            Do not be abusive or aggressive in your tone


            An aggressive or abusive sounding post will often evoke an aggressive or abusive and unhelpful reply.


            Remember, you are requesting help from other users, just like you, who are giving their time free of charge. No one is under any obligation to answer your question.