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    profiler does not work


      Hi. When I use the profiler to check the memory usage of my app, there is nothing shown in the Live Objects list, and used Memory is returned as zero, which is clearly not the case.

      Everything works fine on MacOS, the trouble is only with Windows.


      windows 7 x64

      flash builder 4.7

      AIR SDK



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          Hi. Have you had any luck with this? I've spent days and days trying to solve this yet no luck!. I have the exact same problem as yours (except that I am using a mac). I even installed a new copy of Flash Builder and it did work once, but the moment I restarted my Macbook (I'm facing this on a Mac), it seems to not work again.


          Any help would be really appreciated! Really need to be able to profile my app!



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            slongshum Level 1

            As a matter of fact, I have. After I deleted my antivirus software and closed all apps that used my Internet connection (skype, icq, etc) everything started working fine.

            Apparently, the profiler's network port uses something in the system, but there's no use changing it.