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    xml import with bullet list like images




      I have a xml file with data that i would like to import to indesign. ANd that works great.


      But i have a minor issue. I have a kind of a bullet list something like this:




      my xml looks like this:


      1 some text
      2 some text

      3 some text




      the bullets is pictures (or perhaps numberd bullets if its possible to style them in my XML)


      is there any solution to make this possible?


      [include my  1 image here] some text
      [include my  2 image here] some text

      [include my  3 image here] some text




      I have tried to use CDATA in my xml file and included the path for my images, but the result is that "<image src..." is written as text not as a image..



      PLS help me, before i go nuts!