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    Custom Page Sizes


      I have been using QuarkXPress and am now using inDesign. I am slightly familiar with inDesign, but I'm not quite sure how to make my custom sizes correlate with the sizes I have been using in Quark.


      For example, when I open a new document and do custome sizes, I change my margins to 0p0, then click Page Size, Custom... Enter Name such as 1x1, then I'm lost. In Quark I would enter 1.528" for width and 1" for height. If I enter 1p528 it changes to 45p0, then I don't know what to enter as the height to make it closer to a 1x1 box. If I enter 1.528" it changes my width measurment to 1p6.336 and again using 1p0 as my height, it still doesn't look quite right.


      Why does it change from 1.528 to 1p6.336 and/or 1p528 to 45p0? How do I successfully convert my Quark sizes to fit inDesign?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should probably start by setting you default units. You can do so by closing all windows but leaving InDesign open. Then choose InDesign (Mac)/Edit (Windows) > Preferences > Units and Increments and setting your units to inches.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            The out-of-the-box default unit of measure for ID is Picas and Points (xPy wher the P indicates Picas, and thenumber to thelft is thenumber of picas, and the one to the right is points). If you are comfortable with that system, fine, but you can change the default unit to anything you like by editing the preferences with no files open to affect all new work. If you enter a number into a field without specifying theunits, ID will presume the number corresponds to the default measurement system in place for that field (mostly the ruler units, but scale fileds expect percent), but you can enter any value in any unit as long as you include the unit if measure, and ID will convert to the default units on the fly.


            So if your units are set to Picas, and you want to enter 1.528", you would enter 1.528i or 1.528in.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It's using Picas


              With no documents open - you should go to Edit>Preferences and change the units to Inches.


              Then it will always be in Inches for any new document going forward.