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    Smudge Tool Creates Black Edges (when used below 100% strength)?


      I'm using a pretty old version of photoshop (6.0), and just installed on my new PC (windows 7 64bit, same as previous pc).


      But for some reason the Smudge Tool is creating black edges when it is used on anything below 100% strength/pressure.



      For example, I blob in some white and goto smere it around with 25% pressure, the edge of that white turns black. If I use 100% it does not do this, 99% or lower and it does the black edges thing.



      I've never had this problem in the past and it's been very frusterating since i'm just getting back into things for fun and also promised to try making some simple things for someone to possibly sell for charity -_- Googling the issue basically just suggested to check if "Normal" blend mode was selected, if stroke was on, reset tools, etc, basic stuff that were not helpful at all.