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    PayPal and Item IDs


      We have a corporate PayPal account and would like to use it for multiple projects. We've spoken with the folks at PayPal and they say using Item IDs is the easiest way to keep things sorted. The IDs are "attached" to the customized buttons you can create in PayPal, so when your payment is submitted via the button the ID goes with it. Each project is assigned an ID so when you're running a report you can see what project is assigned to the payment.


      How do I use Item IDs in a FormsCentral form?  My FormsCentral account is connected to our PayPal account and seems to be working fine, so there are no issues there. But I need to know if there's a way to attach an ItemID to the checkout process via FormsCentral. Help!!!

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          Eman Fu Adobe Employee



          I think you probably refer to PayPal's Buy Now buttons. We integrate with PayPal with ExpressCheckout technology, which is very different from the Buy Now buttons. I am sorry we don't support item IDs associated with Buy Now buttons.




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