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    Page Break Issue


      There are automatic page breaks being added to my form that I don't want. I have viewed the form in both Web and Page View to try and remove it but had no luck. The break isn't there in Web View, but it is there in Page View and when I try and export it as a PDF.


      In Page View it shows up as a light blue dotted line across the entire page with "Page X" under it. How can I remove this? Thanks!

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator



          >>How can I remove this?


          This type of page break cannot be removed.  A PDF document/form (like a Word document for example) will automatically add page break as you reach the bottom of the page and a new page needs to be created for additional content.  Now you can modify your form page size/orientation so that you get the desired length/orientation of your form.  Open the form on Design tab, click Form Setup icon on the toolbar to change size/orientation for the resulting PDF form.


          Hope this helps,



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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



            I saw Lucia replied just after I posted my response but since there unique info in both answers I will leave mine too:


            The page breaks shown in "Web View" are used for the web/HTML form and are all "explicit", you define exactly where you want them and there are no restrictions.


            The page breaks in "Page View" are used for the PDF and there are two types, "implicit" which are created automatically based on page size in Form Setup for the PDF page size and have to be added by the program so things fit onto the page, and there are also "explicit" page breaks you can add to force page breaks to happen in more ideal places, but a page can still only be the size defined in Form Setup.  You may need to add explicit page breaks to make the implicit ones move or explicitily define all of the page breaks in Page View. 


            If you think the breaks simply are not falling in the right place you can share your form with me to take a look at it, share with jcorey@adobe.com and please include a reference to this Forum post so I know what we are looking for, instructions for sharing your form: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2462




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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Thanks for sharing your form.


              See this FAQ on how to create a PDF form in FormsCentral as Randy goes into Page Breaks in more detail: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2655


              Everything I see in your form is as expected.  You should place explicit page breaks where you want them to fall in Page View and possibly as Lucia noted change the page size if you need so things will fit, the default is Letter/Portrait. 


              There is an automatic page break added after the first three rows of fields because that next paragraph would not fit on page 1 so a page break is added before the paragraph of text.  You could break the text up into two form fields so it can be split across page 1 and 2, or increase the page size if you want the page to break after that block of text.  This is the same throughout the form, the fields (including things like the white lines you've added to create white space) make up a page and you need to add "explicit" breaks where they flow better in the document.


              In between any two page breaks, explicit or implicit, can only be as much content as will fit on the page size defined in "Form Setup", so implicit breaks are automatically added whenever the content spills over a page.


              The "rating scale" at the end of the form is longer than a page and will need to be broken into two (or larger page size) in order to save as a PDF.


              Hopefully Randy's tutorial will help you through the PDF layout.