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    Edge Inspect won't connect


      Hi guys


      I'm having trouble connecting my external devices to my desktop. You really need to get this fixed or make a useful guide as I can see this a pretty common problem.


      Everything seems to work fine up until the moment I try to connect the device to my desktop. I.e. yes, I have checked the console and yes the necessary port is free and open. Also, the app has no trouble auto-detecting my desktop, it just won't connect when I select my desktop on my external device.




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          saumishr Employee Moderator

          To help us understand the issue, could you please tell us:


          Do you face the connection issue for few of the devices or the very first device itself doesn't connect? Just to add, the free version allows only a single connected device, while the full version does not limit the number of concurrently connected devices


          What is the Chrome verison and the desktop you are using? .


          What happens if you try to connect the device using IP address?

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            Kimsin Level 1

            Hi Saumishr


            It's the very first device that doesn't connect and I have a full CC subscription. So, I assume it's the full version I'm running? I didn't even know you had a free version?


            Chrome ver.: 33.0.1750.154 m

            Desktop: Windows 8


            Bupkis is what happens when I try to connect using an IP address :-)

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              saumishr Employee Moderator

              Please try the following. Some steps may be repetition of what you have already mentioned but these may be the likely causes and good for us to confirm:

              1. Ensure that your computer and your device are on the same network
              2. Port 7682 is available on your computer for use by Edge Inspect
              3. Network settings allow communication on port 7682. You may need to talk to your IT department to determine that.
              4. You have all the latest pieces of Edge Inspect installed: iOS/Adnroid app, Chrome cxtension, and desktop application.
              5. The desktop application is running on your computer and you are signed with Adobe ID there.
              6. Turn off your firewall (temporarily. Once you've made the connection you can turn it back on and make sure to add an exception for Edge Inspect)
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