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    Laptop with Nvidia gt750m. Sufficient for real time playback in Premiere CS6?

    Tim Manders

      I'm on the verge of buying a new laptop with the following specs:


      i7 4700MQ

      16GB RAM @ 1600 mhz

      1TB 7200 rpm drive

      120 GB SSD

      Nvidia GT750m GPU

      15.6 inch IPS display


      I'm sure these specs will be more than sufficient for editing and grading Full HD DSLR clips in Premiere CS6. The only bottleneck in this system might be the GPU, which isn't all that great and has only GDDR3 memory.

      Now I'm not planning to do any gaming on it, so I'm just wondering if this graphics card will be sufficient for realtime playback in Premiere after applying the hardware accelerated effects.

      This is done solely by the GPU right? This card should be supported for hardware acceleration, but will it be powerful enough?


      Unfortunately, there is no other setup possible in this price range that has a better GPU and still has a IPS screen.


      Anyone has any experience with this card and the Mercury playback engine?