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    copy articles between documents

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      I wonder if someone knows is it possible to copy page or text frame/thread from one indd document to another so that article structure will remain?

      I have a document where several text threads have been added to InDesign´s Articles Panel. If I try to copy/paste those texts to a new documents, texts will lose their articles structure and Articles panel will be empty in new document after pasting.

      I also tried Move Pages command from Pages Panel´s menu, result was the same; article srtucture didn´t move along the page...


      Is there some way to do it, or do I have to rebuild article structure manually in the new doument?


      Every tip is appreciated....


      Articles Panel in original indd

      Screenshot 2014-03-12 18.55.58.png


      Articles Panel in new indd after copy-pasting text/moving page


      Screenshot 2014-03-12 18.56.21.png