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    CS6 file "not compatible with this version of Photoshop"


      We are using Adobe Creative Suit 6. Yesterday i've created a file, and today i cannot open it with any software. (Bridge shows the thumbnail but the file is corrupted.) I get the "Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop" error. The file contains multiple layers, without any masks. Originally it was a NEF file (Nikon raw). I used vanishing point, because its an interior photo. (it doesnt relevant for the problem) I have an earlier version, where the vanishing points are defined, but the textures are missing. Main question is, how this can be??? I worked on that version for more than 2 hours. The file size is small, it's only 133.579.959 bytes (133 Mb). The image is 4288 x 2848 px, 240 DPI, RGB 8-Bit, Fogra39 ICC profile. The computer is up to date, nor the hw or the softwares are corrupted. The file saved locally, so it's not a network problem. I saved the document, and left the machine for about 15 minutes, then i went back, so the save had to be complete. (on SSD it took about a couple of secs) The biggest problem is, i have to work with a large amount of photos in Photoshop. But after this i have some bad feelings about this job. We have to create these PSD files both for ourselves and for our client for further use. (It's a huge furniture factory) The hardware has 16 gigs of RAM with an Intel i5 operating system Windows 8.1. Any ideas? (ps.: i didnt' find PSErrorlog.txt file) Oh i almost forgot. After installing CS6 my Adobe Acrobat Pro stopped working in about 2 weeks... So. The job is waiting, but we cannot wait for a long time, we gonna loose our biggest client because of a sw error?