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    Why are some PDF files created in Photoshop not placing in InDesign CS5?


      We are publishers and have used InDesign for over 9 years to create 36+ magazine issues per year.  We are currently using CS5 on 8 MAC stations using OS X Vers 10.8.5.  We are experiencing difficulty placing some supplied PDF files into InDesign documents lately.    We get the following error message when placing the offending PDF file:  "FAILED TO OPEN PDF FILE"


      This is a new error message that has cropped up the last two months or so.   In Acrobat, the file will pre-flight without errors.  The files giving us the errors can be converted to Photoshop PSD, EPS or TIFF files and will place just fine.  Photoshop PDF files, however, will result in the error.


      Can anyone give me an idea what might be causing this issue?  Thanks in advance!