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    Huge file size?

    Erniegar Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am creating as very basic Director file (or so i thought) in Director 10.1 with some pictures in.  There are about 20 images and each one is about 200-400kb each.


      Yet when I import them they come in as a huge filesize!?!?  This has never happened to me before...


      When I look at the side panel it tells me they are bitmaps with a file size of, for example, 23.7MB but I know its just a jpg of a few hundred kbs.


      As a result my dir file, and thereafter my dxr file, is huge when the content therein is just a few megabytes in total.


      I have never had this before - all my previous projects are a reasonable size?


      Please can anyone advise?



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          jackblackweb Level 1

          Hey Ernieger,

          What platform?

          jpg files seem to be deprecating.

          png files may work.


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            Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

            If you publish the file to DCR you'll regain the file size. Director decompresses/expands JPEGs on import so that they display as quickly as possible, without requiring prior decompression

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              Milky_au Level 3

              just an idea...


              with the property inspector turned on


              select the bitmap tag


              under 'compression' change it from 'Movie Setting" to 'JPEG'


              I believe Director brings in all graphics uncompressed - only compresses them upon publishing


              So if you want to publish an .exe with lots of large graphics - and you don't turn on 'Compress Files (shockwave format)' under files - in the publish settings,

              or you wish to get your files even smaller - then you can play around with lower jpeg settings

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                Erniegar Level 1

                Hi all,


                Unfortunately these suggestions are not working...


                Its still a huge filesize when I import a png (bigger even!)


                Its already set on the jpeg settings and changing that does not help.


                I am instructed to submit in dxr format so need to do so.


                I am using 10.1 on Windows 7.


                With a deadline looming, I'd be very grateful for any more suggestions...?



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                  Erniegar Level 1

                  I am now able to submit in dcr format, so alls well that ends well, with thanks to all....