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    After launching Adobe CC many processes show as (Not Responding) in Activity Monitor


      I'm running Adobe CC on a new Apple MacPro 6,1 (12-core with 64GB RAM). I find that many processes get into a (Not Responding) state as displayed by Activity Monitor.


      Typically, when one sees a process (Not Responding) there's really not much that can be done other than using Activity Monitor to Quit or Force Quit the process. I've done this but the (Not Rsponding) processes even after being Quit/terminated, get relaunched with a different PID and will go into the (Not Responding) state almost immediately.


      Here's a typical situation I captured today. In this example it's the Qmaster process.


      Qmaster hangs.png


      This is becoming very annoying. However, I'm not sure what the implications of these (Not Responding) processes are. They do hold onto memory resouces but obviously aren't consuming/stealing CPU cycles. The Adobe CC does however become sluggish, so I'm thinking there's definitely a problem/bug here that Adobe needs to resolve.


      Any insights or help resolving this issue is most welcomed. Thank you.


      Is the Apple's Mavericks "App Nap" feature somehow involved with this I wonder ?  I do have that box unchecked in Energy Saver preferences.


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