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    Misleading Description for setItems() Method

    radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I played around with the setItems method to push values into drop down list.

      This is what the documentation says about its parameters:


      A list of items and values separated by a comma. For example, "One,Two,Three" or "One,1,Two,2,Three,3". For items without values, leave the value blank. For example, "item1,value1,item2,item3".


      The number of columns per item. For example, the itemValueList string, "One,1,Two,2,Three,3" has numColumns=2. An itemValueList "One,Uno,1,Two,Due,2,Three,Tre,3" has numColumns=3 while an itemValueList "One,Two,Three" has numColumns=1. The value of 1 is the default.

      From that you might think you can use setItems("One,Uno,1,Two,Due,2,Three,Tre,3", 3); to create a 3 columns drop down list.

                  <items save="1" presence="hidden">



      This is just wrong.

      The XFA specification only allows 2 <items> elements for field elements, so the setItem() method will always fail if the second parameter is larger than 2.