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    Printing Spot Separations in PSCC

    BBruins12 Level 1

      Hey All,


      It appears that Photoshop has had a pretty large overhaul with their print capabilites...



      I'm trying to print an image that I've separated into spot colors using layers.


      So far all I've found is people talking about using channels, but unless I can turn each layer into a channel, that's not really an option.



      I've got eight layers, each is a separate spot that needs to be printed


      We used to use Easyart2 and photoshop, but easyart 2 apparently isn't compatible with a 64-Bit system...and they changed the print interface with Adobe CS6/CC



      I'm also printing through AccuRip, and need to know how to print halftones at a certain frequency....if that's possible...



      This is pretty (very) urgent, and if anyone can help it will be much appreciated.

      Thanks in Advance