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    PS CC, loads but then crashes before i can do anything. any ideas as to what i could do?


      I havent run PS CC for a couple weeks, and I have not changed anything on my computer that i am aware of (is a brand new build).


      Today, I went to mess around with PS and possibly edit some images but it woulndt load properly. Well, it loads but then crashes (just closes) before I can do anything. A couple times i got a pop up indicating it cant connect to the adobe servers (not that you need net service to use the program of course) but i dont even get that popup anymore.


      This is *really* ticking me off. I dont use a firewall, but do use eset node32 antivirus 2014. never set the firewall in that eithe (not really sure how to since they changed things since the last time i bought that program). windows firewall is set, but adobe it set to go through it


      LR5, PSE12, Premiere pro CC - they all load no problem but PS CC does not load properly.


      Ive run malware bytes, did a reset/boot of the computer so far. the only program Ive noticed issues with is PS CC.


      ANY ideas?