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    InDesign "edit with" iPhoto now jumps to Preview

    Tana Reiff

      I placed about 200 photos from iPhoto into InDesign (CS5.5). To modify an image, I clicked on the Edit icon under Links and it opened the image in iPhoto as I wanted. Now all of a sudden the "edit with" pencil icon link goes to Preview. iPhoto isn't even an option on the Links palette menu in InDesign. Under Other (edit with) I can choose the iPhoto aplication for one photo but not for all, but then it imports the image into iPhoto rather than locating the file in iPhoto. This started happening after I changed some titles in iPhoto. I tried relinking some of the images but InDesign still jumps to Preview when clicking on the pencil icon in the Links palette. If I find the image myself in iPhoto and edit it there, I do get the yellow sign in InDesign and can update the link. Thanks for any light you can shed. It would save me a lot of time.