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    InDesign to EPUB - image with caption and callout


      I have two questions regarding exporting to ePub through InDesign CS6 and would really appreciate help. I have spent several hours trying find answers.


      When I group a picture with it’s caption, anchor the group into the text with a custom anchor, apply text wrap, apply custom rasterization and a float in the Object Export Options dialog box, the caption looks fuzzy in the epub after export. Under Custom Rasterization, I am choosing the defaults, JPG and 300 dpi. I realize that the text is being rasterized since I chose custom rasterization. But, this is the only way I can make the caption stay underneath the picture on export. How can a get the caption to stay with the picture and not becoming too pixelated?


      Similarly, I have created a text frame (a callout) and would like the existing text in the ePub to wrap around this text frame with the callout. Again, I have applied a custom anchor to the callout text frame. I have also applied text wrap and in the Object Export Options dialog box, I have again chosen Custom Rasterization and applied a float to the text frame. When I export to ebub the text in the anchored text frame looks fuzzy. How can I anchor a text frame in an epub and export without the text becoming too pixelated.


      In both scenarios above, the placement of the objects is correct in the exported ePub  . . . My problem is the callout text and the caption looking too fuzzy in the anchored objects because they have been rasterized.  


      Thanks for your help.

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          In InDesign CS6 and CC, grouped objects did not use to maintain their positioning in exported EPUB and hence there was a need to rasterise the group in order to preserve appearance. This problem is resolved in InDesign 9.2 upgrade and there is no longer a need to set the group to rasterise and lose live text. Your workflow will work fine in InDesign 9.2 without rasterising.