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    PS CS6x64 Liquify Crash Win7 x64


      HELP - PS CS6x64 Liquify Crash Win7 x64

      current version installed: Photoshop_CS6_13_0_1_3_upd

      current version when viewing About: 13.0.1


      Liquify tool works, but crashes after closing Liquify window.  A simple 5x5in 72 DPI file will cause it to crash. 

      nVidia GTX 680 current drivers.


      Deleting Prefs did not help.


      Step 1. Hold down the Alt + Ctrl + Shift keys as you click on the icon to open ps. When asked if you want to delete the settings file, say yes.

      Step 2. Reset the preferences as above.

      Step 3. Close ps and let the file regenerate.


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