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    How weird is this?  InDesign CC drops 20 of my CS6 Myriad Pro sub-fonts!


      Well, I'm  narrowing it down, so I deleted two earlier posts.  It AIN'T Windows 7, and I don't think it's lack of updating Creative Cloud, since I rebooted after that...


      In InDesign CS6 all 32 sub-fonts under Myriad Pro show up, and are usable.


      If I copy them into my newer InDesign CC, twenty of them disappear, and are not accessible!   [See screenshot]


      I can understand why the newer InDesign CC might support fewer fonts, but if I open up InDesign CS6 on MY SAME COMPUTER, at THE SAME TIME, I can still see all 32 of the Myriad Pro sub-fonts, and use them without problems. 


      But I've searched "everywhere" on my system, and can only see the 12 that CC uses.  Any ideas?


      Myriad PRO InDesign CS6 vs CC.jpg