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    PDF Form Number Generator


      Someone posted a similar question a few months ago about creating a purchase order form and then having a text field that calculates a new number each time the purchase order is opened on the server.  I have a very little coding experience so is there someone who would be willing to give me some guidance as to how to go about this?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is not a simple question to answer.


          If you want a random number assigned this is simple using the date object of JavaScript and all of the code and control can reside within the form.


          For other cases there are a number of specifics that need to be addressed.


          Will there be more than one user creating the form with the serial number?


          Is the serial number sequential and controled?


          How will the users interface to the form and the control file/database for the serial nubmers?