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    Swf dimension

    CesareRocchi Level 1
      Hello anybody.

      I am experimenting with Flex (2.0.1).
      Creating a very "void" swf like this:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute">

      I noticed that the compiled file is ~122Kb.
      Is it normal? Isn't too much for the components included in the app?

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          CesareRocchi Level 1
          just to know...
          it happens just to me?
          I suspect that putting the same "stuff" in a file generated
          by the Flash IDE would result in a smaller swf file?
          or am I suspecting wrong?

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            dazweeja Level 1
            Yes, that's normal - about 120K is the smallest Flex application you can create. It seems there a lot of base components that are included by default in every Flex application. If you are only re-using a few standard components in your app, the application should only grow incrementally after the intial 120K. If you are using lots of components, Flex apps can get prettty big.

            If you put the same AS3 components in Flash CS3 as are used in the smallest Flex application, I doubt the file would be much smaller. However, Flash doesn't include all those components in a trivial app so, depending on the app, you could make a much smaller Flash movie that would do the same thing. I think the products are aimed at different markets though. To me Flex is designed to create *applications* or UI's, sometimes very complex, while Flash is aimed at animators and creatives. Obviously, there's a lot of crossover though, and you can use Flash movies in Flex with the component kit.
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              CesareRocchi Level 1
              Thanks for the clarification.
              I thought that <application> was just a wrapper, few lines of code to initialize.
              Now I know that the minimum size is ~120k circa.
              I wonder if there is some way to strip it down...
              e.g. if I know in advance that I don't need something which is
              included by default can I exclude it at compile time?

              Thanks again,